The writer’s struggle is real


“It must be tough, I thought, making it as a writer only to realize your struggle is just beginning.” Malice, Keigo Higashino

This week I’ve been reading Malice by Keigo Higashino, a clever cat-and-mouse murder mystery, that is more about the why than the who. But what struck me, even more than the smart writing, were the parallels between my own writing life – indeed, most writers’ lives – and two of the characters.

Two novelists, one unpublished and the other already published and an award-winner, have this exchange:

‘I was worried that without any real connections in publishing, I’d have to start sending in submissions blindly and hope for my own new-author award.’

‘Oh, don’t bother with those. They’re a pain in the ass. Half those things are just luck. If what you wrote doesn’t suit the tastes of the underlings reading the slush pile, your novel will simply get cut…

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