Egalitarianism Lost?

The greatest threat to Australia’s future prosperity is the destruction of egalitarianism. We are no longer an egalitarian nation. For the past 40 years, we have been beaten over the head with the spurious notion that trickle down economics is the best way to maintain prosperity but this has been proven to be a hollow argument.

Corporate tax cuts will not flow down from above. We will not see better wages, better conditions or better outcomes for all while trickle down economics is allowed to dictate our future.

Corporate tax cuts will flow into greater corporate profits and share holder dividends while employees will see the erosion of their industrial conditions to the point where they are classed as nothing more than a cost centre to a corporation who can be disposed of on a whim.

What is the alternative? Listen to the latest from Behind The Lines podcast from The Guardian and really give some thought to where our country is headed. Because right now, it is not headed to a good place.


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