It’s National Poetry Month. Please Give Me Back My Poem.

Central Avenue Publishing

This post comes from the Huffington Post written by Iain S. Thomas. In recognition of National Poetry Month, it’s a great reminder of the need to recognize the creators of art, whether they choose to give their work away for free or sell it.

1131446306_ba3845da4f Photograph: © Jon Ellis

The best way to start this story is in my car in the middle of a heatwave, while my very pregnant wife and I look for a new house because we have a very real concern that we’re about to get kicked out of the place we’re currently renting. My air conditioner has a leaf or something stuck in it so depending on how low or high you turn it, it either makes a low creaking noise or a high frequency whine. The only way to get rid of it is to turn it off, which isn’t an option. After about…

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