Let’s Talk Books With Dean Mayes, Author of The Recipent

I was pleased to be the guest of the Never Ending Bookshelf who I sat down with to chat about writing and reading.

The Never Ending Bookshelf

Let's Talk Books

Dean Mayes is a new to me Aussie author who writes psychological thrillers and romance novels. I recently received an ARC of his soon to be released book – The Recipient – and it looks so good, that I simply can not wait to read it. The Recipient releases on 1st May 2016. More information on the book and it’s pre-orders can be found at the bottom of this post. The Recipient is Dean Mayes’ third book to be published.


What are you currently reading?

I’ve just started reading a autobiography called Not My Father’s Son by actor Alan Cumming. It is quite a striking account of how Alan grew up in the shadow of a very cruel father in Scotland and how, in his adulthood, he sought the courage to confront his father and deal with years of abuse. It is a powerful story that has really moved…

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