The Developer Formerly Known as FreeBSDGirl

This is not cool…

I’ve been trying to publish this post for 5 months. It’s been sitting in my queue, and I’ve been too worried about fallout to publish it, despite the support of friends familiar with the situation. But I’m not going to enter 2016 knowing that I was too scared to do something. So here it is.

This post is something I haven’t wanted to write. It’s been simmering on the backburner, because it’s a distraction from my work. It’s not something I wanted to spend my time thinking about, and so I’m still processing what happened and I’ve still got some feelings.

When a woman writes a post about why she stopped associating with her open source project, people won’t remember that “scandal” when they think of that project, but it’ll be associated with her name forever. I’m hoping I’ve built up enough of a name with other things that this…

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