‘THE DANISH GIRL’, Film Review, December 2015

The Upside News

The Danish Girl tells the story of Einar Wegener, a moderately successful Danish landscape artist in the mid-1920s, who would go on to become Lili Elbe, the world’s first surgically-altered transwoman (There may possibly have been someone earlier than this, although it’s generally accepted that Lili Elbe is the first widely-known transwoman to go through what is usually termed ‘sex reassignment surgery’).

Attached to this film is the tagline “Inspired by a True Story”, and earlier this year I mentioned my distaste at the phrase “Inspired by True Events” – however, in this case, the finished product shown on the screen mirrors what occurred in real life in the 1920s and early 1930s extremely well. The film stars British actor Eddie Redmayne (currently the Best Actor Oscar holder for his role as Stephen Hawking in last year’s The Theory of Everything) and Swedish actress Alicia Vikander (generally unknown in…

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