THE PROGRAM, Film Review, November 2015

The Upside News

From legend to disgrace, The Program is an inside look into the life and career of Lance Armstrong and the most ‘sophisticated doping scandal in the history of sport’.

Based on Irish Journalist David Walsh’s book Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong, the film is directed by Stephen Frears (The Queen), and stars Ben Foster (X-men: The Last Stand) as Armstrong and Chris O’Dowd (Sapphires) as Walsh.

Lance Armstrong wants to be good at what he does, but finds winning elusive. He approaches doctor, Michele Ferrari (Guillaume Canet) for advice, who informs him that he does not have the right body type for cycling. Soon we find Armstrong in the shower, coughing up blood after being diagnosed with cancer, and witnessing his struggle to recover quickly and return to competition. Now determined to win at all costs, he approaches the sleazy doctor a second time.

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