I’m pleased to be featured once again at The Upside News with a piece about rising opera star Greta Bradman.

The Upside News

By Dean Mayes.
Originally posted at www.deanfromaustralia.com

Image credit: Stephen Bacon Image credit: Stephen Bacon

I can pin point the moment when my love affair with classical music began. In 1988, a friend of mine turned up at high school one day with a new release on cassette tape which he enthused was possibly the best thing he’d ever heard. We were both fans of the rock band Queen and flamboyant front man Freddie Mercury and this new release album was something kind of unexpected.

The album was ‘Barcelona’, Mercury’s collaboration with Spanish soprano Montserrat Caballé, a classical cross over recording which which became a world wide hit and spawned an Olympic theme in the title track which was celebrated in the Spanish city a year after Mercury’s death in 1991.

Barcelona was a collaboration that few people understood at the time, mainly because reviewers approaching the recording did so from the perspective of a rock album…

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