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On Friday 19th June, a couple of wasted wanderers will do goddamn anything to get you to buy their debut EP.

Dusty Stephenson (guitar/ lead vocals), Benny Morris (bass/backing vocals) and Matt Birkin (drums/backing vocals) are Wasted Wanderers and they’ll be launching their EP Goddamn Anything at Jive.

Formed from some epic jamming sessions at the Grace Emily in 2014, Wasted Wanderers have achieved a lot in a short space of time.

Among their achievements, the band has already released their debut single (the title track from the EP), played headline shows and supported Mia Dyson and Donovan Frankenreiter.

Front-man Dusty Stephenson says the forming of the band was organic and built on friendship and a mutual respect for each other’s music.

“Wasted Wanderers all met at the Grace Emily. Me and the bass player (Benny) are in the house band for Billy Bob’s BBQ Jam. We’ve known each…

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