A desired expression


6a00e553f3e7d888340154329c61b5970cA gentle sweep of fingertips I dream

Slipping the velvet distance of my arm

A secret kiss of passionate perception

A burning hungered indiscretion

The sun sets while the cool night air bites

Twilights whispered song benumbs my toes

Darkened hours bring a silenced tear

Yearnings voyage an emptied sphere


Ambitions thrust in depths profound

Pulses rise in pleaded request

A thought my own shall only tell

Of fevers cast beneath a spell

Contemplation of existence97ab998a340316e05fd11b6c6a7680e5

Seeking a revered presence unknown

A desire, a touch, stirring all emotion

Lost in winds of dance and endless moan

Maybe a one day idea could be true

Maybe thy dissolution shall remain

The only truth I know in the now

Is a dream endured in hopeful vow


~ Tania Elizabeth x

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