Libby from The Upside News gives the low down on Day 1 at Womadelaide.

The Upside News

Bambino at WOMADelaide Bombino at WOMADelaide

The WOMADelaide weekend kicked off in a relaxed and welcoming fashion last night. With a singer-songwriter focus to the night’s programming, the steadily building crowd were presented with the perfect opportunity to kick back after the working week and soak up the unique chilled vibe of this event. Even the weather got on board: a clear night with a gentle breeze; this was a night for a picnic blanket and a bottle (or two) of wine.

Starting things off on the main stage was The Painted Ladies, a collective of indigenous musicians playing laid-back blues with a tinge of country. This is protest music at its most charming. In a nice touch, Vic Simms, whose songs the group have recently re-recorded joined the performance half way through the set.

Over on Stage 2 we got Bombino with their African desert blues. The set was one almighty blues…

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