Orihuela Medieval Market

A wonderful excursion through a Medieval Market with author Darlene Foster.

Darlene Foster's Blog


What started out to be a rainy, windy day, turned into an amazing experience at a Medieval Market. The historic town of Orihuela, about thirty minutes from where we live, was all decked out medieval style featuring Arabian and European cultures that have lived here over the centuries.  Numerous stalls of artisans, bakers, butchers, fishmongers, drummers, acrobats, camels, ponies and much more were scattered throughout the town. A feast for all senses, we were greeted by colourful tents, the smells of exotic spices, teas, paellas, fresh baked bread and pastries, and goat milk soap. The vendors and entertainers dressed in medieval garb adding to the ambiance. Camel rides, merry-go-rounds, puppet shows and wooden swords for the children; it was truly a family event with all ages taking in the festivities. I hope you enjoy the pictures and can imagine the fun we had. The sun came out as well!

Making fresh potato chips Making fresh potato chips

DSCN0803 Preparing a huge…

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