Dean Mayes ‘Stubborn, Driven, Passionate’

I am honored to be featured as part of Tania Elizabeth’s 30 Authors in 30 Days series. Check it out…


Stubborn? Driven? Passionate? Reminds me of someone else I know. Though I would like to add… that this man is honest and firm to his word and beliefs.

Dean_Mayes“I like to think of myself as a person who knows and strives to achieve fairness. I grew up in a working class area where hard work and fairness were always highly regarded and I have retained those things as important cornerstones in my own life,” said Dean Mayes. “The birth of my two children were definite game changes for me. They have become my life. Everything I want to achieve, I want to achieve for them.”

Dean describes his journey of writing as having been a slow burn, beginning when he was only young. His dream of being a published author held strong for many years, but Dean believes that he wasn’t disciplined enough to sit down and write a…

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