A Publisher’s Thoughts on Book Reviews

A great exploration of the difference between a constructive book review and a destructive book review from my publisher Michelle Halket.

Central Avenue Publishing

As a publisher and avid reader, I read SO many book reviews – both of our books and of others. Reviews that are done by average readers such as those on Goodreads or bookstores; reviews written for professional reviewing entities like Kirkus or Booklist; and reviews that bloggers write on their blogs.

Thankfully, the vast majority are well written and thought out – expounding on the reader’s thoughts about the book, the characters, the plot, the writing, etc. Intelligently discussing what they liked and didn’t like. In the end, they apply a number or star rating which is a usually a requisite of the site which they are posting to, like Goodreads or Amazon.

However, there are those reviews that are the opposite of this, written by people who love to hate. They seem to spend a lot of time thinking up fancy words to describe how bad the book is, what a horrible…

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