Adelaide author Dean Mayes lives his dream

Ever wondered how an Adelaide Nurse juggles a stethoscope and being a best selling author? Find out in this fantastic feature which has just gone live at The Upside News.

The Upside News

The Recipient is Dean Mayes’ forthcoming novel, scheduled for release in 2015 and promising to be an intriguing thriller with many twists and turns.

Set in Melbourne, the story follows Casey Schillinge, a young woman with much promise who is struck down by an illness which may threaten her life.

Saved by a heart transplant, Casey becomes a shell of her former self, prompting her to find the source of her nightmares; which may lay within the heart beating inside her.

No stranger to the heartache surrounding life threatening ailments, Adelaide writer Dean Mayes’ work as a nurse in an intensive care unit inspires his writing and his writing gives him an outlet to channel the challenges of his work.

Born in the Victorian town of Moe before moving to Adelaide, Mayes has been published by Canadian independent press, Central Avenue Publishing.

Dean Mayes' first novel, The Hambledown Dream Dean Mayes’ first novel, The Hambledown Dream


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