What an incredible place to work! Though, I don’t believe I would always call it work. Evenmagic-book-zodiac-signs-1440x900 the long days and sleepless nights of gruelling over manuscripts, editing, marketing, etc, etc, etc . . . somehow, it all just feels so beautifully right.

The world of authors is a place of magic and inspiration. It is a place where dreams become reality, in more ways than one. Not only do we as the writer get to work within our passion and bring to life a place that has long been forged into our own selves. But we get to share our dreams, and have you as the reader find the same beauty, the same adventure, the same tears, laughter and inspiration alongside us.

I personally, am just about to release the third and final book to The Tier of Eternal Grace series – The Souls Cry. It has been one…

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