I Wrote This For You Now at Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Central Avenue Publishing

UnknownIt is with great pride that we announce that our first book can be found at a major bricks and mortar bookstore across the United States. Barnes & Noble recently started stocking the internationally popular title, I WROTE THIS FOR YOU by pleasefindthis.

The book is currently in about half of their stores across the country. But, (and there’s always a but, isn’t there?), we need your help. You see, it’s just there as a test, to see how it sells. If it sells, they’ll stock it in all stores.


So, if you live near a Barnes & Noble, would you kindly visit it and take a picture of it on shelf or a picture of yourself holding it or even better – buying it? Here is an example from one of their fans buying the book. Thanks @itsmandz! If your store is one of the ones that doesn’t…

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