An Open Letter to Bill Shorten

The Australian Independent Media Network

Dear Mr. Shorten,

May I call you Bill?  I feel that after a lifetime of supporting Labor I’m entitled to that modest liberty.

Bill, I’ve just read one of the most shocking things of my adult political life.  I’m overtaken with competing emotions and reactions; I’m simultaneously bemused, disturbed, incredulous and thoroughly gob smacked.  It seems that you and the Labor Party are considering backing away, even if only temporarily, from your commitment to your established carbon pricing agenda.  It seems you’re considering allowing the Abbott Government to “scrap the tax” after all.   Is this true or just media speculation?

Excuse my candour, mate, but assuming it’s true: are you flipping insane?  Has Labor completely lost its capacity to read the electorate and the politics of this issue?  Its record of the last six years gives a certain pause for thought on that score.  I put it to you in…

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