One of my all-time favorite passages

Caught this in my feed today. It really resonated with me.

J.A. Myerson

From Howard Barker’s 1986 work “Arguments for a Theatre.”

*  *  *

Fortynine asides for a tragic theatre

We are living the extinction of official socialism. When the opposition loses its politics, it must root in art.

The time for Satire is ended. Nothing can be satirized in the authoritarian state. It is culture reduced to playing the spoons. The stockbroker laughs, and the satirist plays the spoons.

The authoritarian art form is the musical.

The accountant is the new censor. The accountant claps his hands at the full theatre. The official socialist also hankers for the full theatre. But full of what?

In an age of populism, the progressive artist is the artist who is not afraid of silence.

The baying of an audience in pursuit of unity is a sound of despair.

In a bad time laughter is a rattle of fear.

How hard it is to sit in…

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