I Am Xavier Saer

Never lose your sense of adventure. Yearn to explore the world as if tomorrow was a scarce commodity.

Do you remember being a child filled with dreams of conquest, romance and hope? What happened to those dreams? When did they disappear?

The world will demand from you, “Grow up. Stop dreaming. Be realistic,” but a heart can never lose its desire to dream, for its nature is to dream and the world cannot remove dreaming from a heart, just as the world cannot remove the brightness of the sun or the chill from winter.

Lose yourself in your ability to dream, because the joys and hopes of mankind are created by its dreamers. Practice your dreaming like you practice your profession. Never lose your wild, child-like sense of adventure. Dreaming sees no age or limitations. Limitations are only created in your mind. But if you think with your heart, age and…

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