Screen shot 2012-12-01 at AM 11.09.11Never may we doubt; Or fear the unknown

Enjoy what is now; Depart minds cyclone

Hold in courage and trust; Unruffle thy dread

Forebode all thy storms; Which exist in thy head

Suspicion and nightmares; A foresee of such threat

Is more often than not; An existence never met

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  1. Much Love to you my good sir. Many of the poems you have read are in fact that of Tatiana Grace’s, from the soon to be released ‘THE TIER OF ETERNAL GRACE’ Book 1 ‘The Moon Clearing’.

    • They always seem to arrive at just the right time T. Just this morning, I was holding the hand of a dying child when this poem appeared in my feed. I read it to the child softly in the hope that your words might ease the pain. For a moment, I think it did…

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